Thursday, December 01, 2005


On Saturday, as soon as my sister and her family walked through the door, Aidan told his cousin Brianna what we got her for Christmas.

"A Barbie car!" he exclaimed. "We bought you a Barbie car for Christmas!"

We actually haven't bought it yet, so I wasn't lying when I said, "No, we didn't. We did not buy you a Barbie car, Brianna. And AIDAN. Christmas presents are a secret that you're supposed to keep! If you can't keep the secrets, then you can't help buy the presents." I never know if those types of lectures sink in or not.

Flash forward to that afternoon. We took the kids to see Santa. I was too busy taking photos to be able to eavesdrop on the conversation Aidan was having with Old Saint Nick. When I asked him later, he refused to tell me. "It's a SECRET, Mom. I can't tell you!"

I've been trying for days. Aidan, PLEASE tell me what you asked for from Santa. I need to know so I won't buy you the same thing.

He's had several replies, including,
"If I tell you, the magic won't work."
"I can't tell you, 'cause it's a secret."
"I'm not telling you, 'cause you don't need to know. Only SANTA does."

Great. What a dilemma.
The kid's gonna be sorely disappointed on Christmas morning if this Santa can't get into his head between now and then.


Martha in CA said...

I'm wondering if a big sister could sit down with him and ask for help in making HER list for Santa. Get her to do the dirty work.

Or, have a friend call and pretend to be one of Santa's helpers and say he thinks he's got the wish list confused and could he write one, with his name spelled correctly, and give it to his mom to mail off.

Santa is gonna have to come here with some big-ticket items. sigh...

Elaine said...

When I was late in the Santa game, he gave me a Cinderella doll. She had the patchy dress, the ball gown, and the wedding dress. I LOVED that doll.

The next year, I wanted something else, and I told Santa. Would NOT tell my mother. Would NOT. Because if I told her, it wouldn't work. I wrote my letter to Santa in the privacy of my bedroom, sealed it in the envelope, showed it to no one, and sent it up in the fireplace just like always.

On Christmas morning, under the tree was a Snow White doll, just like I had asked.

I still don't know how Santa got the word on that one -- if my brothers figured it out and told, or if it was just a lucky guess.

I do remember being very suspicious about the whole Santa thing and the request for the Snow White doll was my test (I have always been a scientist).

Ever since then, I have known that Santa is absolutely real. Absolutely. That morning was an incredible one for me.

Bobbie said...

How funny, mom was telling me about this last night. I like Santa's helper idea. :)

Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - be careful what you ask for Stacy ;) You might just get it! Just when you don't think the boys are listening to your words of advice, they prove you wrong.

Want me to call and ask Aidan what he wants for Christmas? Do you think he'd tell me??

Cara said...

Okay, I know how to find out. We just tell Tristan to ask what Aiden asked Santa for. Tristan does not even get the concept of keeping a secret!! Surely he would tell Tristan??!! You think??