Saturday, December 17, 2005


Birthday party for the boys, which Aidan still says "was the best day of my life!" - done.

Beth Moore Bible Study, which Cara and I hosted in our homes on alternating weeks, which was good 'cause it made us keep our houses clean, but was bad 'cause it made us keep our houses clean - done.

Coleman job, all 168 pages of it, scrapbooked, proofed, invoiced - done! (still need to photograph it and deliver it, though. Was due Friday. Oops.)

Christmas shopping (mine) - done.

Christmas shopping (Mom's, 'cause she says SHE doesn't have time?) - done.

Christmas cards designed and created and mailed (42 of them, at least - still 30 or so to go) - done. (This after having to change plans completely at the very last second after the post office lost the package from the online store I ordered from. Bah Humbug.)

10-hour round trip to pick up my neices, who are spending a week with us - done.

All of my big obligations are behind me. My neices are here, school is out, the kids are happy, Darren is home - let the fun begin! :-)


Cara said...

I feel tired just reading it! Let's take a nap!

Nancy D. said...

Darren is home. Let the fun begin.

Yeesh Stace.... do you have to tell EVERYONE???


Karen said...

and you have done so much more than me and I am still not DONE!
that stinks... I guess I am heading to the mall.... : (