Monday, December 05, 2005

College Bound

Dani's PSAT scores are in, and we received them tonight at a meeting for "high school freshman who are college bound". It would be a gross understatement to say that we're proud parents. We are GUSHING proud parents.

Dani scored in the top 20 out of a class of 600+ freshmen. Her Writing score was the highest in the school (she missed 4 out of 39 questions).

Before the meeting, Dani asked if we could go out and eat afterward. Darren and I both said no. We've been eating out WAY too much lately, and our checking account balance is choking because of it. But during the meeting, sometime after receiving her scores and listening to the Academic Advisor talk about the national average for juniors taking the SAT (which is more than 400 points below Dani's score), Darren leaned over and whispered, "I think we should take Dani out for a celebratory dinner." So we did. And we even let her order dessert. Which she then graciously shared with all of us.

"Dani, I'd just like to thank you for being so smart and making it look like we actually TAUGHT you something during those 3 years of homeschool." Much laughter ensued after that comment.

"How many days until I can go to this school?" asked Aidan, who was enthralled by the sea of purple lockers.

"Ten years," answered Dani. "Does that scare you, Mom?"

"No. What scares me is that in ten years, I'll be pushing 50."

Dani responded, "In ten years, I'll be 2 years into my post-college job."

So. She's planning on college, but it looks like she hasn't thought as far as grad school yet.

S'okay. There's plenty of time to think about that. I just wish the clock would SLOW DOWN.


Karen said...

Ok Stace CONGRATS.. but what did you expect?? She has the most talented mother in most all things, AND she has the HUMAN CALCULATOR for a DAD! HELLLLLOOO???

I keep wondering how Alex got so smart.... HAHAHAHA she is at 7th grade level in 4th grade! I am so proud!

Elaine said...

Grad school shmad school. I didn't go to grad school. Oh, wait. I'm unemployed.

Tee hee

Way to go, Dani!!! (and WAY TO GO, Mom and Dad!)

Nancy D. said...

I didn't go to grad school either. And *I* have a JOB. TWO jobs even.

Shut up. So what if neither requires a high school diploma to get....??

E... you have a job. Tutoring is income producing even. Dork.

At least she's planning on WORKING. Her post college plan isn't:
Move back home with mom and dad and mooch off them.

Denise Kelly said...

I'm SO not surprised!! From seeing what a deep thinker she is and that she can actually connect thought processes that most adult executives can NOT, it's not at all surprising to me that she scored so high. Logic. . common sense. . .connecting the dots. . and STUDYING things that matter make for a smart, intelligent, above-average young lady! Congrats Dani!! You da best!

Your friend,

PPD said...

Dani, I am so proud of you and for you!!!!!!!! And you too Mom & Dad!!!

Hey Dani, we have some GREAT schools here in S.C. 'Wanna come up this way to study?
Love 'Ya Girl,
Debbie ~Paper Piecing Diva~