Monday, August 06, 2007


Something funny happens when you wind down a vacation.
First, there's a bit of sadness that it's coming to an end.
Then there's the clean-up and pack-up. Somewhere in there, you start to get excited about sleeping in your own bed, even with its broken down mattress that you've complained about for 6 months.

You make all kinds of noise about not wanting to drive the whole 15 hours in one day, 'cause you know.... you get car sick and what a way to end the trip, eh? But once you hit the road, you decide that.... to HECK with it. We're not stopping until we see the lights of downtown Fort Worth!

We pulled away from the cabin at 8:06 a.m. and began the bumpy, bouncy, curvy decsent towards Texas. Two hours later, somewhere in Big Horn Sheep Canyon, Ian shouted, "I DON'T FEEL GOOD!"

"Do you need to throw up?" I asked. He said yes, and Darren immediately pulled off the road. Just as the car came to a stop, he hurled. I jumped out and raced around the front of the car, grabbed him out of his seat, and got him to the back of the car before he hurled again. Poor kid. Lesson learned: DON'T FEED IAN OATMEAL IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO HITTING THE MOUNTAIN ROADS!

Darren and Dani were the amazing ones who cleaned up the whole mess. We ended up trashing the towel and Ian's shorts rather than have them stink up the car all the way back to Texas.

Amazingly, we only made four more stops: lunch and gas in Pueblo, bathroom stop in Walsenburg, gas and dinner in Amarillo, and gas in north Fort Worth, a mere 10 miles from home. We arrived home at 1:45 Sunday morning.

Miles traveled: 2200
Gas mileage averaged: 18 mpg
Money spent on gas: $500
CDs listened to: countless
Movies the boys watched on the road: Teen Titans (TV episodes), GI Joe: Venom and Valor, Herbie Fully Loaded, Return of the King (Lord of the Rings)
Sonic stops: ONE! Only one!
Emergency Car Repairs: one. But that's another blog.

Here we are, at the top of Terrible Mountain, less than a week ago.

More stories and photos in the days to come.
It's good to be home!


Darren said...

That wasn't Ian's oatmeal breakfast which I cleaned up--it was the Fritos and raspberry lemonade he consumed while we were winding over Monarch Pass.

Also, we made a couple more stops between Amarillo and home (in Clarendon and Bowie, I think) for Ian to *ahem* perform more normal biological functions on the side of the road. :-)

Sarah said...

That's the thing about vacations: They give you a break and then they remind you how much you love what you wanted a break from. Love your blog!

Nae-Nae said...

Welcome Back Home. We've missed you and your Blog!
Hope Ian feels better now.


Amy said...

Is that a Christmas card photo I see? Hmmm.... Great to have you back!

Veronica in Aus said...

Ahhh...memories :) I was very much like Ian (still can be sometimes too!)

agent713 said...

Welcome home! Glad you made it safely.