Tuesday, July 24, 2007

mountain bound...

The car's packed, the kids are buckled in, and as you read this, we're probably barreling down the road toward Pitkin, Colorado. We're heading to our neighbors' cabin in the Colorado Rockies! Eleven days of doing nothing, and all day to do it in. We're not taking any big road trips from the cabin this year. Instead, we're going to learn how to slow down and relax, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. No electricity, no phones, no internet. Truly, we'll be cut off from the world for a time, except for a couple of times when we'll head down the mountain for groceries and to check in. I. CAN'T. WAIT!

I'm taking some scrapping supplies. I've planned out 18 pages, and managed to get the photos, papers, ribbons, brads, tools, pens, ink pads, and who knows what else in THIS.

I can easily slip all of this into my favorite tote bag, throw a couple of scrapbook mags on top, and hit the road. It'll be fun to scrap in the afternoons when the afternoon thundershowers send us indoors.... or out on the deck while the boys roll logs down the hill... or maybe even by lantern light in the evening.

or who knows. Maybe I'll come home and confess that I never even took the scrapbooking stuff out of the car. That's the beauty of this vacation. We're not making plans. I bet we'll even come home relaxed, instead of needing a vacation to recover from our vacation. Ahhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

hey stace,

i hope you check in soon! i already miss you! i hope you have a wonderful time and yes! i would love to have a girls night out when you get back!

i love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, can't wait to hear how the trip went. Hope you are having a blast. Miss you!