Sunday, August 12, 2007

How Well Do You Know Me?

Take the quiz here. Hee!

the challenge: go to and create your OWN quiz.


Darren said...

I got a 90. A for me. (Actually should've been a 95 because I got the true right answer for the flower question.)

Stacy Kocur said...

Erp! Yah, I goofed on that flower question, and told it the wrong answer. I'll let it slide this time, babe. ;)

Anonymous said...

ok i only got 45% but here is the thing, first off you have already been to the effiel tower so i thought you would have kissed him already, so i picked running with the bulls hahahahhaa..
then i NEVER knew you were a mascot elephant, i thought the video store was your gig. i guess i don't know you as well as i thought.
Karen K

Anonymous said...

oh and i thought you liked TULIPS
Karen k

Beth said...

grrr.... I got the $1000 gift card answer right, but my computer did something weird and skipped a question.

Stacy Kocur said...

Karen, my babe-alicious friend,
I DO love red tulips the most. That's the question I goofed up on. So give yourself a 50! hahahahah! We went to the Eiffel Tower three times, but each time, the wind was blowing too hard and they wouldn't let anyone go to the top, so I never got to kiss him up there. Video store... that was my senior year and through college. I was a mascot elephant when I was 15. :)

Anonymous said...

oh and stace, i would have gotten the car one right too, but i second guessed myself, and boom went with the VW which I knew was so wrong once I did enter..i got knocked waaaaaaaaaaay down. hmmm. wanna do lunch?

Anonymous said...

ps I knew you went to the Effiel Tower, cause i have a mini replica you brought me back, but I ain't into finding out the kissy kissy things, so I ASS U ME D
Stalker Karen

Veronica in Aus said...

See - I thought it would be red tulips too! No way did I think you were a blue hydrangea girl :)

Jenny said...

And I knew it was Journey. What was I thinking?

I also assumed that you and Darren had already smooched on the Eiffel Tower. Oops!

Although, I do feel like a bit of a stalker now! :)

Tonya said...

Okay who could know the elephant thing? I need to see pictures - LOL!

You also got me with the flowers and movies. Heidi's favorite is the one you chose if I remember correctly.

Your 40th birthday snagged me too. I guess I picked what I would want to have you do. Kara and I could do that for you maybe.

Pretty cool little quiz.

agent713 said...

Tonya's right. Blue hydrangea's are MY favourite. Actually any hydrangea. I just love those flowers.

I only got 45%. That's sad. I should have gotten more.


tosin said...

Ok, the tulip thing was bugging me. Glad to know I wasn't going crazy and that the quiz had the wrong answer!

Colleen said...

I tried twice, but I never got the quiz to come to my email. We have a strong spam filter that filters stuff even before it goes into my junk mail (which I checked) so it must've gotten filtered at the earlier filter. I'd have an unfair advantage now that I've read these comments, but it would be fun to see the questions anyway.