Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I can dance if I want to

Well, I can TRY to dance if I wannoo. Remember this 80s tune?

We can dance if we want to,
we can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance
and if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine

I missed the dancin' days of my youth. See, when I was growing up, dancing wasn't allowed in my house. When I got to high school, I was only allowed to go to prom and other school dances if I promised not to dance. My parents needn't have worried - by then, I was so embarrassed about not KNOWING how to dance that I didn't dare try. Lately, I've been dancin'. I still don't know how, but I'm not letting that stop me anymore. I refuse to be embarrassed by my lack of know-how, or by my flabbiness, or by ANYthing that is so much fun, and so good for my soul.

Last night at the Poor Rich Folk concert, I danced with Royleesha and Amanda. Good times.

Last week, Cara and her boys were over, and I don't know WHAT got into us exactly, but before I knew it, I had "100% Funk" blaring from my speakers, and we were dancin' all over the place. I moved the family room furniture against the walls and got my GROOVE on. Between gales of laughter, I danced so hard that I worked up a good sweat and got my heart rate goin' ninety-to-nothin'. Aidan impressed us with his floor spinning and break dancing (where DID he learn to do that???), and we all had the BEST time. I think Dance Night at the Kocurs should be a weekly thing. Wanna come?


Deb ~PPD~ said...

LOL, love it girl!!! And I vote for at least..."WEEKLY" *Ü*

Kesa1053 said...

As I said in my SSTX intro - I've been classically trained in ballet, tap, and jazz since I was a young child and you will ALWAYS freestyle a million times better than me!!!

Dawn said...

I wanna come! I don't dance nearly as often as I should...I'll share the luggage rack with you at TX4!

Jayne said...


Colleen said...

The kids in my church didn't go to dances either, so I never learned how. It's one of my regrets in life. Company Christmas parties were always awkward. I would like to take lessons, but there never seems to be enough time. I'd love to learn swing, or something robust and fun. I've heard it's great for burning calories too. Good for the body AND the soul. Makes me wonder who ever came up the absurd idea that dancing was bad. By the way, my boys are awesome at doing robot dancing. I still wanna learn to dance...although I don't have much rhythm and I doubt if my knees could take it...YOU GO GIRL!!

Nesa said...

you go! weekly dance night at the kocur's sounds like a blast.

Lee said...

Rarely can I ever put tune to words (it works the other way around: words to tune) but could with this song! Thanks for the smile :) keep on dancin'

momto2kiddos said...

What fun!!! I wanna reserve a spot for when I visit again :o)

DKelly said...

You SO CAN DANCE!!!! You groove, you move, you do it all. . . and with REAL style!!! Loved this blog . . . and yes, I want to come. We also have dance-night but the only photos I have are of us two-steppin' or slow-dancing. May still have to blog it thought. Your slide show was AWESOME!!! Could really see the motion in those photos. Now, keep movin' that THANG!!

Love ya!

Ginger said...

Hey, I loved "Safety Dance"! (It's by Men Without Hats in case you were interested.) Love the dance pics, and I've never noticed how cute you are with your hair in a ponytail!