Friday, July 06, 2007

Kocur Kids Rock

We've been on a cleaning frenzy this week. Seriously. We haven't deep cleaned like this since we house swapped with the Irish people two years ago! I've swept enough cat hair from the stair runners and corners and fan blades to knit a scarf. Nasty. And sorta embarrassing that we've been living in squalor without even realizing it.

You know, a good thorough cleaning requires good music to keep you going. I didn't even SUGGEST that the kids made a CD... they just did. Dani sat at the controls while the boys chose songs from our iTunes library. Dani'd play a snippet of a song, and the boys would say either yay or nay. Here's the playlist they ended up with:

1. have a nice day (bon jovi)
2. summer of '69 (bryan adams)
3. what if his people prayed (casting crowns)
4. brick house (commodores)
5. home (daughtry)
6. hotel california (eagles)
7. how to save a life (the fray)
8. black balloon (goo goo dolls)
9. holiday (green day)
10. right here (jeremy camp)
11. waiting on the world to change (john mayer)
12. hanging by a moment (lifehouse)
13. sweet home alabama (lynyrd skynrd)
14. running just to catch myself (mark schultz)
15. how you remind me (nickelback)
16. hey there delilah (plain white t's)
17. street corner symphony (rob thomas)
18. hands open (snow patrol)
19. come on back to me (third day)

One of the songs got a unanimous vote from all three kids. "What If His People Prayed" was a song we jammed to over and over last summer on our Colorado road trip. The boys love shouting out "...stop asking OPRAH what to do!".

Both boys started singing the guitar part at the beginning of Street Corner Symphony... "na-na nah nah, na-na nah nah" as soon as it began playing, so it easily made the cut, too.

When Brick House came on, Aidan shouted, "That's Mommy's song!" Sure enough, it's been my ring tone for months, and every time my phone rings, I bust out dancing. LOL!

Both boys became familiar with "Hotel California" almost 2 years ago when Dani learned to play it on guitar. Just before I began typing this entry, I swear they must've played it 5 times in a row. As soon as it ended, one of the boys would get up and hit "back" and let it play again. They sat on the love seat in the front room, looking totally spaced out. Cracked. Me.

Aidan didn't want "Waiting on the World to Change", but it was the only one Ian was really adamant about, so it made the cut. Dani was surprised at how many songs the boys knew and recognized as she clicked through iTunes. We're a music-loving family, and I can't tell you how happy I am that my kids have picked it up so naturally. :)

Here's the CD cover art that Aidan made. Can you read it? It says "Kocur Kids Rock". My kids are so cool.


Beth said...

Here I go again... spending more $$ at iTunes because of Stacy! (I'm loving that the kids put "Sweet Home Alabama" on there! They have great taste!)

Ramblings of a crazed SAHM said...

We are in a cleaning frenzy, too...although we've been rocking out to the 70's and 80's station on Dish. If I asked Emma to make a CD it'd be totally princess with a bit of Veggie Tales. Not as good to clean to, but I'm guessing her tastes will change. We ALWAYS have music on. Love that!

amyjoy said...

Just tell me... how many songs DO you have on your itunes?!?!?

Cool kids :)