Wednesday, June 22, 2011

day 14 - a song that people would be surprised you like

I'm pretty vocal about my disdain for country music. It makes me want to punch our cat in the face. Poor cat. She doesn't deserve that.

I say I hate it, but even I have to recognize that there are strains of it filtering throughout this blog challenge. When I force myself to think about it, I realize that my song choices for days 1, 6, 8, and 10 have country leanings, however subtle they may be. And so let me issue a disclaimer right here: I hate country music, but Johnny Cash, Don Williams, Paul Overstreet, and John Denver don't count. Oh - and The Judds' "Love Can Build A Bridge" doesn't count, either. BUT OTHER THAN THAT...


About 4 years ago, I was getting ready one morning while Good Morning America kept me company on the TV, and it was one of their outdoor concert series days. The TV was in my bedroom, and I was listening from the bathroom nearby, but not watching. Kenny Chesney was scheduled to perform, and I could not have cared less.

He started singing, and I still didn't care. Then he got to the chorus, and I caught myself wandering into the bedroom, then realized I was fixated to the TV. I loved the chorus! I loved loved loved the words. The he sang the last verse, and I thought, DADGUM IT ALL, I'm gonna have to buy a country song. I'm pretty sure I HMPHed about it, too.

I haven't listened to the song in a long time now, until tonight, and I'm wondering why I don't give it more air time. I really, really like it. That oughta shock the pants off some of you, and it'll make Heidi really, really proud.

Well, I'm what I am
And I'm what I'm not.
And I'm sure happy
With what I've got.
I live to love and laugh a lot,
And thats all I need.

Never wanted nothin' more.
And I never wanted nothin' more.


Christy said...

Love me some Kenny! I thought about you yesterday as I unpacked CD's. John Denver's greatest hits came right out of the box. (not sure where that came from!)

agent713 said...

I remember when you first admitted that you liked this song. I love that it's still on your list :) The funny part? It's actually one of my less favourite (not least favourite, just less) Kenny songs. Not sure why. Well, maybe I do. I love the chorus but the verses bug the heck out of me. I listened to it yesterday a few times after reading this entry but I just can't get in to yeah, I guess I AM surprised that you like it LOL

That said, thank you for the shout out. I've been looking forward to your entries every day and this one arrived on my phone just as I was released from the hospital after having some breathing difficulties due to allergies. The timing was perfect and the reminder to "live to laugh and love a lot" was just what I needed. Thank you friend! May you enjoy this song for years to come!