Sunday, June 05, 2011

21 days makes a habit

... or so I'm told.

I want to write for ME again.
I write all day every day for work.
I write for other people every time I'm asked.

I haven't written for me in way too long.
I miss it. I even need it.

And so, for me, I'm committing to doing this fun little 30 Day Song Challenge that's been all over Facebook this year. I know it'll be fun - I love music and talking about it and explaining why certain songs mean so much to me. Since junior high, I've been the Queen of the Mix Tape, for the sole reason of wanting - nay, NEEDING - people to appreciate the music that touches me. So I know I'll stick with this challenge. But instead of doing it on FB, I'll do it here, where I've got more room to wax poetic about the songs I choose for this list.

The challenge lasts 30 days. By week four, I should be in the habit of writing for me again.
That's the plan. Hang on. Here we go!


Christy said...

Imagine that. Look who showed up in my Google Reader today! What a blessing. In the middle of the chaos that is my life--- poof. There's Stacy. Glad to see you writing again, girl. Soldier on!

Colleen said...

It's about time! Yay, hurray! It is a challenge you will enjoy and we will too!

agent713 said...

I agree with Christy. What a wonderful surprise! I'm so glad that you're blogging here again. I hope to do this challenge in July (June is still too crazy for me) I'll read your posts and brainstorm for mine :)

Joan Robertson said...

I am loving that you are doing this. I may turn your challenge to write into my challenge to create digital pages.
You know I love my music!
Thanks for doing it, Stace!