Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hair Makeover

Aren't these cool? These are the colors I chose when I sidled up to the Color Bar at Magnolia Ave Salon this afternoon. I went in for my celebratory hair makeover - my reward for reaching my halfway mark! As of this week, I've lost 70 pounds! WHEEEE!

I went to a new salon because I wanted a new 'do by someone who wasn't afraid to let me be bold. I wanted someone edgy. I was told that Magnolia Ave was my answer, and I booked a consultation and appointment on blind faith.
After telling Richard that I wanted red lowlights and honey highlights, he gently told me that I was using '90s speak, and asked if I wanted to try something new. Uh, YAH. The method is called color blocking, and the technique he used is called "the sun". Basically, we put the darkest color - a red brown - all over. Then he took a mid-section layer around my crown and colored "sunbursts" in the honey. Finally, he topped it on the topmost layer with a color between the two. It gives me bold color and lots of movement, which is exactly what I wanted. :)

As for the haircut, it's not quite as drastic as I was hoping, but it's a good cut. He took 3" off the length, then layered it up in choppy chunks. I also cut my bangs back to chin-length and had him blend them into the back. Lots of play with this cut, and it's a cinch to style!

So... without further ado, here's the before:
And here's the after! (with Richard the Colorista)

Darren took this one a few minutes ago, 10 hours after the fact, all sweaty and gross and limp. But you get a better feel for the chunky color at this angle....

Today, I'm thankful that when I changed into the smock at the salon and realized that there was only one size (Fits All) to choose from, there was no need to panic. I fit! :)

Blessed be God— he heard me praying.
He proved he's on my side; I've thrown my lot in with him.
Now I'm jumping for joy, and shouting and singing my thanks to him.
Psalm 28:5-7 (The Message)


Veronica said...

The new 'do is fabulous!!! And can I can, you are just looking so young!

It's Just Me...and my coffee! said...

You are rockin' the new do Stacy. Wow - 70 pounds? That is UH-mazing!! Bravo =]

Nesa said...

love the new color and 'do!! if ya hadn't of said anything, people who didn't know you would think it was natural! That is a sign of a great colorist!!

And congrats on reaching your halfway goal! Knew you could do it, and soon you will hopefully be celebrating even more!!

Menjiness said...

Wooo HOOOO Stacy!!! Awesome!

agent713 said...

It looks fantastic Stacy!!! I'd love to see it IRL. I bet the colours are amazing.

I have to admit though, I really, really liked those glasses in the first picture...until I realized why they looked so cool. I thought they were painted like that! LOL

Bobbie said...

You look great Stace. It is a funny thing, I got a new 'do also on Wed. It is way short "pixie" cut short. See you IRL soon.