Friday, April 18, 2008

What brings out the kid in you?

For me, it's airplanes.

I'm in awe of them. I love to fly, but I think even more, I love to watch airplanes in the air. When I see a contrail in the sky, I almost can't take my eyes off of the plane that's leaving it; I'll watch it until it disappears from sight.
When I'm driving past the airport, and there's a plane coming in for a landing (at DFW, there are ALWAYS planes coming in), I try to time it so that I can drive right under it as it passes directly overhead, so close I have the urge to reach up and touch it as it goes by. I'm a road hazard when I'm driving near the airport, because I have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. I lean forward and over and back - whatever it takes to get a better glimpse of the planes - before I remember that I'm actually supposed to be paying attention to the road.

Airplanes make me feel like a little kid. One of my "things to do before I die" was to fly in a prop plane. I finally did that 3 years ago - in Ireland, over the Atlantic Ocean no less - but it was an 8-seater, and I was in the 3rd row. It wasn't thrilling enough. I wanted to sit in the co-pilot's seat! DANI GOT TO SIT THERE, and I was insanely jealous the whole time. I practically pouted. See? Airplanes bring out the kid in me!

On Mother's Day a couple of years ago, we spent the afternoon at an Air Show. Some of my friends felt sorry for me, saying, "Aw. I'm sorry you had to spend your Mother's Day like that." I had to explain to them that I was THRILLED. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other day! What could've been more fun that watching amazing flying formations over and over and over with my family? Well, riding shotgun in one of those jets, maybe. :)


ArlaMo said...
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ArlaMo said...

Oh Stacy! I wish my FIL was still flying. You could have come to visit in Minnesota and driven just a ways up north to fly with him. He would even have let you fly one of his planes, I bet!

I was really blessed to fly with him a few times (and fly the plane!) before he retired from the business just a couple of years after DH and I were married.

I LOVE to fly! And I would give a lot to fly in a Top Gun style plane.

Lee said...

I can understand your delight!

LvHmBirth said...

The next time you're in town, we'll have to plan your visit better so that you can spend time up in the air. Right-seat in a 4-seater, right? :D

Menjiness said...

It is the ORANGE brads layout! I love this layout!

I can so see you pouting in the plane. Hopefully one day you can be the co-pilot.