Saturday, April 26, 2008

bloom and grow

Shhh. Don't tell Darren. I did yardwork today.

Yesterday, Marjorie helped me choose plants for my front stoop pots, and this morning we planted them. Using her "thrill, fill, spill" method, I put some tall stuff in the center, then filled in around that with plants and flowers, and then planted some vines around the edge that will spill over the side. I had enough leftovers to plant three smaller pots for the backyard.
I really like the way they all turned out, and now I'm anxious for them to grow and fill out more.

Next, I broke up the clay/gravel soil between the sidewalk and the street next to our driveway and laid some sod. I was sweating bullets from the exertion, and told Marjorie that my old bod wasn't accustomed to hard manual labor. I made her promise not to tell Darren, lest he get the idea in his head that this might become a regular thing. It won't. Too many woims in the ground for one thing, and I still haven't gotten all the dirt from underneath my fingernails. ha

(for future reference)

the plants in the stoop containers;
Thrill: dracaena spike
Fill: coleus (2 varieties), Mexican heather, marigold
Spill: vinca vine (wojo's gem), lamium (silver), creeping jenny

in the backyard:
Thrill: salvia
Fill: verbena, coleus
Spill: asparagus fern

on the ground:

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Michelle said...

Cool! I did a color pot for my front porch the other day. I'll have to get a picture of it.
I love Lamium!