Tuesday, February 19, 2008



we're sitting here watching American Idol, flipping between that and The Biggest Loser (I think we're the last people on the planet without Tivo), when Aidan shouts out, "Hey!! He looks just like Brittani!"

Brittani is my niece.
"He" is Jason Castro.
You be the judge:

But it wasn't just the eyes, the nose, the mouth.
It was his mannerisms, too!
So. Completely. FREAKY.


Ginger said...

That is freaky. Does she know?

Stacy K said...

I emailed Bobbie and told her to check the blog. That second picture of Jason Castro looks EXACTLY like Brittani, but I don't have a picture that proves it exactly. But if you knew Brit, you'd be picking yourself up off the floor. (Jason would make a very pretty girl! lol)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brittani knows, she said "how sad to look like a guy", we said no, he is just "pretty". She does not seem to care too much, we will have to see how far he goes.

agent713 said...

Oooh that is creepy!

Anonymous said...

They do look alike! But brit is much prettier!

Jayne said...

Yep - they look alike!

Jeanne said...

Oh my! They do look exactly alike. Could they be long lost half siblings?

Anonymous said...