Monday, February 11, 2008

New York City: The Metropolitan

On the way back to the hotel, we walked past the Ed Sullivan Theater, just so I could pose under David Letterman's sign. I've always said that if I ever made it to NYC, seeing his show would be my first priority. Oh well. Maybe next time.

I was sad to go to sleep that night, knowing it was our last night in the city. The next morning, we headed to the Met, where one of my online friends gave us a behind-the-scenes tour. It was really cool to be there when it was closed to the general public. No lines, no crowds. We could take photos and be silly and stand in front of paintings (or statues, as the case may be. Ahem.) as long as we wanted.
We took photos of armour and weapons for Ian, our kid who was born about 19 centuries too late. LOL.

Darren was especially interested in seeing the musical instrument collection, and was impressed by this ceramic horn:

I love Impressionism and spent a lot of time gazing at the Monets and Renoirs and Seurats and Van Goghs. I also am fascinated by sculpture and was mesmerized by this gem:

Jenny and Nora were great tour guides. Jenny was even kind enough to buy our lunch, AFTER getting us into the museum. It was fun touring the museum with someone so intimately related to it. Jenny has volunteered there for 10 years!

After lunch, we walked through Central Park one last time, back to our hotel to catch the shuttle to the airport. I leave you with four of my favorite photos from that last walk.

I've spent time in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Dublin, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, and a number of other great U.S. cities. San Francisco has always been my favorite, even ranking above Paris and London. But I've found a new love.

Who knew I'd love New York City so much?
Who knew I'd feel so alive there?
So comfortable?
I came home and said to Dani, 'PLEASE PLEASE choose a college in New York. I want to back again. And again." She promises me I'll love Chicago just as much. (U of Chicago is her top choice.) I'm not much of a TV-watcher, but I've discovered renewed interest in The Apprentice and reruns of Sex and the City, not to see who gets fired or what Carrie's wearing, but because I recognize my park, my skyscrapers, my brownstones, my coffee shops. I watched the premiere of Lipstick Jungle last week, and enjoyed it immensely, because there were shots in the park, and all over Manhattan. It's as close as I can get to being there again.
For now. :)

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