Tuesday, February 19, 2008

bad words

Today, I picked up a friend's kid from school and took him home. (I'll let her out herself if she wants. For now, we'll call him Bob. lol!)

As soon as Bob got in my car, his 1st Grade teacher approached the window and said, "Bob had to see the Principal twice today for saying a bad word."

Driving down the road, I said ,"Bob, why did you say a bad word??"
"I didn't know it was a bad word."
"What word did you say?"
"Well, uh. Well. Am I allowed to say it?"
"Yes, you can say it this time."
"Can I say it in front of Aidan and Ian?"
"Yes, go ahead."
"Well, can I say it in front of YOU?"
"This time, yes. Go ahead."
"I won't get in trouble??"
"No, Bob, you won't get in trouble."
"Okay. I said 'ass'."

Actually, to be fair, another kid said it first, and Bob thought out loud, "Hey! I can spell that. A-S-S. Ass!" The teacher sent both kids straight to the principal. When they arrived back in the classroom, one of the other students asked, "Bob, why did you get in trouble?"
Bob has a rather loud voice. He answered, "I said ASS." I can just imagine how it happened. The room was abuzz with chatter, and then fell eerily silent just in time for his word to reach the teacher's ears. lol!! I know that's happened to you, too! So Teacher sent Bob to the Principal again.

After we dropped Bob off at home, Ian said, "What does ass mean?"
I answered, "It's a bad word, Ian."
"But what does it MEAN?"
"You know how 'butt' is a rude word for 'bottom'? Well, "ass" is an even worse word."
Ian screwed up his face like he does when he thinks something is stupid.
"Why is THAT bad? It's just a word for bottom."
"Because it's a CUSS WORD, Ian."
"What's a cuss word?" asked Aidan.

Man, these are the conversations that make being a Mom a hard job.

"A cuss word is when you're trying to be nasty, or mean, or just bad. People use cuss words at those times instead of just saying 'bottom'".
They still didn't get it.
I considered using "sh*t" as another example, but immediately decided against it.

And now I'm waiting, and wondering which of them is gonna say "ass" first.
And when it happens, I'm gonna have to be The Mom and bite my cheeks to keep from snickering.


Jackietex said...

Funny! Two years ago, when Max was in second grade, he got sent to the principal's office and I was called because he said "the F word." Max promised he hadn't said it so I questioned the teacher and she said that two students, whom she trusted, came to her and said he had said it. Turned out he had said "freaking." Both the teacher and I had to keep from laughing--not that I want him to say that word, but it was better than what we had originally thought. :)

Shelljo said...

Gee Stacy, you could have made it worse, and have gotten into the "Ass/donkey" aspect too.

Kris with a K said...

One of my kids told me once that someone had said the S word. They were horrified.

turns out the other kid had said "shut up." That's a cuss word in our house!

Noel the Dog said...

*snicker*. Gilly was in the car, spelling words. For whatever reason, she was rhyming with "missed" and go to "P" and "P*ssed". LOL. I said "Gillian! You can't say that? That's a bad word!". And she said, "Mommy, you say it all the time when you are p*ssed off!" Oops.