Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sweet Aidan

This morning, while the boys were eating breakfast, I said, "There are two boys in this world I really, really love. Their names are.... IAN..... and Tristan."

Ian fell into giggles. Aidan looked at me with his mouth all screwy and said, "Tristan?!"

I said, "What? Am I not allowed to love Tristan?"

Aidan replied, "Well, he *IS* a child of God."


Then I said, "There are two boys in this world I love more than ANYone. Their names are.... IAN.... and Daddy."

Again, Ian giggled. Aidan said, "Well, he *IS* your husband."

Then I grabbed Aidan up in my arms and smothered him in smooches.

I love that he understands my sense of humor and takes it so well!


PneumaSphere said...

Children are so precious aren't they?

Anonymous said...

That is UBBER cute! alex would have said to me, yep I know you love them more than me.. she is soooo wrong, she just doesn't know it. Hope all is well with you. miss ya