Thursday, January 31, 2008

New York City - Carnegie Deli

Saturday morning, we slept in and then stopped for lunch a half block from our hotel - at the famous Carnegie Deli! We shared a sandwich, a bowl of cole slaw, a cannoli and two Cokes, and it still cost us $40!! Would you look at the size of the sandwich??

We had salami. I wish we'd have had the corned beef, though. After hearing me say I'd never eaten corned beef, the guy sitting next to us (by the way, by "next to us", I mean elbow to elbow to us, even though we were at separate tables) handed me a forkful of his corned beef and said, "You have to try it." Oh my. DEEEELICIOUS! Turns out, he and his wife were visiting from San Francisco. The people on the other side of us were from Portland. The people who sat down next were German or something. I don't think native New Yorkers eat at Carnegie Deli. LOL

So, back to the sandwich.... we each took off well over half the meat on our sandwiches and doggy bagged it. We thought we'd eat it later as a snack, but we never did. What a waste!

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