Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa is a doofus!

So. The box arrived yesterday. You know - the box with the WII in it.
The elusive Wii.
The Wii that I make sure we look for at Target every single time we're there, pointing out to the boys, "Oh, rats. Look. They still don't have any Wiis."

The boys know that Wiis are hard to come by. Still, they asked Santa for one, and Santa came through. Doofus Santa opened it up last night, and meant to take it upstairs to hide it, but instead, he got distracted and left it on the kitchen counter.

This morning, Ian came down for breakfast, and exclaimed, "HEY! A Wii!!"

Santa, quick on his feet, said, "That's not a Wii. It's just a box."

Then he grabbed it up quick and brought it upstairs.
I can't believe he had the guts to tell me about it. Doofus.


Jayne said...

LOL! That Santa - his mind is going poor thing ;)

Kris with a K said...

Love the story! My kids are being SOOOO understanding that getting an Xbox 360 WITH Guitar Hero 3 AND Halo 3 is just not in the Dave Ramsey plan. Nor is the Ipod for Grace. Or are they???? Santa always comes thru for ya, doesn't he? Just sometimes he fergits shtuff.

And thanks for letting us in on the pet name of Doofus. Doofus and Dork....you two should be in Highlights magazine!

Bwa ha ha! (can you tell I am so far behind on Christmas that I've lost my flipping mind???)

Anonymous said...

Wii to go doofus!!!
that is what we do always go see darn it they are out of Wii's man that stinks! good thing I bought ours for Christmas in Oct.

Anonymous said...

The dork at my house wants to know...how'd ya score one and from where?
Any thoughts on that poem yet?
Bev in odessa

Stacy Kocur said...


I got lucky! One day I was sitting here minding my own business when a friend in Minneapolis called. (Jenny, actually. You know her from SS!) She said, "I'm standing here at Toys R Us and they have Wiis. Are you still looking for one?" I said, "YES!" and she said, "SCORE!" She bought it for me and shipped it. Is that a good friend or WHAT? You want me to keep my eye out? We could meet in Abilene or something.... :)

I'll send you a poem tonight...

Jackietex said...

Stacy, I once had a Christmas present arrive with a large, full color photo of the item on four sides of the box. There it was waiting beside the front door as I got home from picking up the kids at school. That was a tough one to explain to three "believers." We're getting a Wii too! I finally ordered from a site that was about seventy dollars more than the regular price.

Amy said...

Oh no! Now what?