Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HoSanta in the highest!

There's a song we sing at church that I love.
The girls echo the guys... "Lord we lift up Your name... with hearts full of praise... be exalted, oh Lord our God... Hosanna in the highest!"

The boys often sing along at church, and I'm regularly amazed at the lyrics they know. Last Sunday, though, Ian caught me off guard when I heard him singing, with feeling, "HoSanta in the highest!" bwa ha ha ha!

Speaking of Ian. He's been wicked bad lately. He screamed and cried at Dani when she gave him a birthday present he didn't want. He was ugly to Tenny and Gonna when they gave him a gift he already had. He's been generally spoiled and rotten. The other day, I said, "Ian, you sure are acting ugly, and that's a bad idea this close to Christmas."

"Why??" he demanded.

"'Cause Santa's coming, and he's watching you."

"Santa only cares about the rest of the year. He doesn't care about December."

"Oh, Ian. You're so wrong! He's making a list and checking it twice right now, and he knows if you're being naughty or nice. And truth be told, he's probably seeing a whole lotta checks in the naughty column lately. He probably won't even notice the rest of the year now."

At that, Ian fell on the floor in a puddle of tears and exclaimed, "Santa's not gonna come at ALL!!!!"

Am I mean?

His repentant heart didn't last long.

When we took all the kids' photos at Fortress on Sunday, this is the pose Ian gave me. You can almost hear the growl, can't you?


Tenny said...

Paint his face green and he looks like the Grinch!

Tenny and Gonna

Amy said...

I think it's the season, Devlyn has been so horrid lately. Mouthy, loud, etc. Let's just hope that's the reason!

Anonymous said...

too funny.... I hate to use this word on any kids other then my step kids but he looks like a spawn in that pic! And with him, I mean that in the kindest way possible. HAHHAHAHA

Ramblings of a crazed SAHM said...

I think there's a virus going around affecting kids under the age of 6. It's a horribly, nasty one, and does our Emma have it BAD!

Joni-MI said...

Hi Stacy! I just love that pic and it would serve the little rascal right if you photo-shopped it up a bit and sent it out to all your friends and relatives for a christmas card. The caption could be THE GRINCH THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS!

It's way too cute. I have a son who is now twelve, with the same exact disposition! He's going to grow up with a wicked sense of humor, I betcha!

Your northern friend, Joni

Noel the Dog said...

Oh. My. Goodness! That is HYSTERICAL!!!!

SuperGinger said...


Cheri said...


That face is priceless!