Monday, April 13, 2009

Winston and the boys

Ian wants a dog.

Grammy has ruined him; his life is incomplete without dogs, to which I say, "You want dogs? Go to Grammy's." bwahaha (She and PapPap have... what.... 8, I think?)

Thankfully for Ian, Justin and LuAnn have a nice dog right next door. He poops and pees and tracks mud on THEIR property, and my boys get to love on him. It's the best of both worlds!

Every now and then, J&L go out of town and leave the dog care to my kids. This time, they hired the boys. Not DANI, but Aidan and Ian. Dani was completely out of the loop on this one, and the boys were OVER THE MOON!

They love to feed Winston and make him obey commands for treats. It amazes me that such a big, energetic dog will sit and wait just because little ol' Ian tells him to. He's such a good dog!

Today, they fed him bright and early before school, but there wasn't enough time to take him out to play. They were pretty bummed about it. After school, Aidan said, "I told everyone in my class that I have a job. I can't believe I get PAID to feed my favorite DOG!"

Grammy, don't tell Lucy or Luke or Leia or Linus or Lunkhead or......


Christy said...

Hi Stacy! I know I say this all the time, but "When did those boys get so big?" Please congratulate the #1 daughter on her newest accomplishment for us. :)

Anonymous said...

I won't tell Osa either! She would be crushed!! ;)


CloverGirl said...

Too cute. There is a special bond between kids and their dogs. And even though it's not THEIR dog...they have a bond with him too. That's pretty cool.

Oh, and my first job was dog sitting, too. :)