Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weigh-in: Month 4

Ladies and gentlemen, this is 7 gallons of milk.

It's fortified. With vitamins. It's pasteurized. I love it! It's Oh I love my milk!

(Sorry. It's just that random songs from my past pop into my head ALL the time. If I always bothered to tell you about the songs in my head, you'd be scared of me - so I don't.)

Yesiree. Seven gallons of milk, at roughly 8 pounds per gallon... well, you do the math. 56 pounds of milk, equal to the 55 pounds I've lost, plus the one pound I shed trying to finagle 7 gallon jugs into my hands.

Speaking of finagling....

I was standing there, minding my own business, smiling pretty for the camera, when that rogue jug in my left hand - the one on top - started trying to escape. The problem was, I had that one hooked on my thumb, and if you've ever seen my hands, you know that I have stubby thumbs. It's one of the reasons I could never master anything other than the G chord on guitar. When it started slipping, I hollared, "Help! Slipping, slipping!". Dani, in a flash of brilliance, ran the other way.

She was getting the grocery cart, which was a few feet behind her, but I didn't know that. So I yelled louder, "HEY!! HELP ME!" All of a sudden, BOOM! The jug hit the concrete floor with a splat, splitting wide open and gurgling vitamin D all over the place. In that same nanosecond, a man came running from behind and took the jug tucked under my right arm. Turns out, Dani snapped a picture of him moments before. Look closely, and you'll see him. I thanked the guy, but he looked at me like I was a loony tune and continued on his way.

It was then that I really thought about it. What must people have thought, walking past while a crazy woman off her rocker enough to wear orange pants struggled to juggle 7 gallons of milk, when her grocery cart is a mere 5 feet away? And then, what kind of weirdo poses for a PHOTO with those 7 jugs of milk??

A woman who's lost 55 pounds, that's who.
And fifty-five pounds, my friends... WORD TO THE MOMMAS. That's a lot of spilled milk!


Anonymous said...


I can't say how proud and excited I am to watch you on this journey. It is one that I will start and hopefully be as successful as you on!

You go girl!


Jenny in TX said...

Congratulations!! You are doing AWESOME!

By the way - you look so cute in that outfit!

CloverGirl said...

You look AMAZING!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, Stacy! You look fantastic! Keep it up!


Patricia said...

That is AMAZING!! You look wonderful, and I can see it in your eyes how happy you are. Keep it up, Skinny girl!

Amanda said...

If I was a passer-by, I would think bench pressing a bag of dog food beats juggling milk cartons LOL.

Congrats Stacy!

Anonymous said...

WOW - you look amazing! I can't wait to see you in person!


Bobbie said...

You look amazing Stacy.

Karen Kroner said...

Holy noodles STACE!! you look amazing!! I need to see you.. wrap my arms around you!!! OH PLEASE!!

Ginger said...

Hey, I know that song. Karen l.o.v.e.d. it. Was it the B-52's? I can picture the cassette tape!

It is not possible for you to scare me with the songs in your head. I have a serious tune wedgie issue.

Lita said...

That is amazing Stacy!! You look stunning :)

~~Carrie Ann said...

HOLY MOLY! Hubba hubba! WOW! I can't get over how amazing you look! Wear the orange off that hot, new bod!

And the milk story just made me lol!

One more thing...the singing in your head...well, I have often thought if everyone knew the music running through my head they'd think I was insane. Glad to know I'm in good company!