Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Riddle me this

If I am so busy all the dadgum time, then why am I so fat?
Seriously, last week, I forgot to eat lunch several times because my days' schedules were so packed.

Why is it that every time I attend a pro game (any sport), the team loses? I was Michael's lucky date Friday night to the Stars vs. Flames game. We lost in overtime. I hate sudden death. It's so... sudden. Other than that, though, what a BLAST it was! We had awesome seats, on the second row, right beside the opposing team's penalty box. Lucky for me, Cara was out of town and couldn't attend, and Darren loves me so much that he deferred to me when the opportunity came up. ("I got to go last time," he said. MAN, I love that man!)

Why is it, at Fuzzy's Taco Shop, when I request garlic sauce, they get all snarky and insist that garlic sauce is a GIVEN on their tacos - you don't have to request it... and yet, the reason I always request it is because they always forget to put it on! (Have you ever had a Fuzzy's Taco? Despite the disgusting innuendo in their name and slogan ("If it looks like a taco and smells like a fish, it must be a tasty dish" - they're famous for their fish tacos. Ahem.).... despite all that, I love the place and can't get enough! Tempura Shrimp Tacos are the BEST. I turned Michael on to them today, and he was a happy boy.

There's a new employee at Fortress Youth Development Center (see the link in my sidebar) who loves to say "good times".
"Hey, Tiki, how are you likin' your job?"
"It's GREAT. I like it a lot. Good times, good times."
"Tiki, do you want me to bring you some lunch when I come back?"
"No, thanks. I brought a sandwich today. Good times, good times."
At first, it was kinda funny. But now I've grown to like it, and I've caught myself saying it, too.
Last week KICKED MY TAIL, but I got so much stuff accomplished. Good time, good times.

  • went to dinner with my dear friends, the Glenns
  • afterward, met other friends for the Eli Young concert at Billy Bob's (met up with an old high school friend there, too)
  • spent all day Saturday with Kristi at Recollections' Open House, then we stayed and cropped there 'til midnight
  • Took photos of the Fortress high school girls in front of each of their schools
  • Kids were out of school Monday for State Fair Day (officially called "Columbus Day, but we all know why local kids are out of school on that day each year, and it's not 'cause Columbus sailed the ocean blue.)
  • 2 doctor's appointments
  • 1 teacher conference
  • haircut for Dani
  • volunteered at the boys' school
  • created a Save the Date card for a client
  • created a flier for Fortress YDC
  • FWSO for Darren and Dani, and the Stars game for me
  • baby shower on Saturday
  • going-away party for sweet neighbors that night
  • taught Bible class Sunday morning
  • hosted 40 or so friends from church that evening for dinner and football
  • continued planning details for the big annual ScrapShare Texas crop
  • completed a scrapbook job that was due
  • managed to see a lot of Cara and Kristi, which is always good for my soul
  • surely I'm leaving something out
  • cleaned house and caught up laundry

So again, I ask you.
How is it again, that I'm overweight?
On second thought, don't answer.
Good times, good times. :)


agent713 said...

First of all "Good Time" is the name of my new favourite song by Dierks Bentley and Deric Ruttan: youtube.com/watch?v=WrPHsKInrnY

Second Good grief girl! You make me look like a lazy bum!

About the weight thing, I've heard that if you're not eating your body thinks you're starving and stockpiles. It doesn't burn calories like it's supposed to. You have to eat lots of healthy snacks regularly and then it won't freak out that it'll never get food again.

Lastly, Fuzzy's Taco's IS a wrong but yeah, they have good food LOL


Noel the Dog said...

Are you moving? Gettin' yer heart racin? Breakin' a sweat? No? Then yer ain't gonna drop yer pounds, cowgirl. No sir'ee.

I finally learned that lesson and got my butt out the door. I've lost 11 pounds so far :) Now, go get yer shoes on and head on outdoors!