Monday, October 08, 2007

out of the mouth of Ian

(Bear with me. This is another crude post. I promise, no more talk of poop or boobs or wienies after this. I'll be pulling this blog out of the gutter in a matter of minutes. Ahem.)

Word to the Mommas. Dani never asked questions like this. The boys were in the kitchen eating corn dogs for lunch. Then they started talking about Beanie Weinies. I was mostly tuning them out. Aidan must've fed Ian a line though, 'cause the next thing I heard was this:

"Mom," asked Ian, "are weinies really pee pees, or are they pieces of meat?"

While choking on my tonsils, trying to suppress the laugh that came barreling up from my gut, I squeaked out, "Weinies. Are pieces. Of meat."

Then I took a deep breath.

"They're hot dogs. Hot dogs are weinies."

Satisfied with that answer, Ian went running back to the kitchen table to set his big brother straight.

And I collapsed on the floor, wheezing.


agent713 said...

ROFL dontcha love boys? Good thing you set him straight!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Stacy, that story had me cracking up! When my DD#2 was 6 years old, she came in crying one day and I asked her what was wrong. She claimed that DD#1 had kicked her in the weiner! Where is that? I asked (trying not to laugh). "You know", she says..."where it counts!" Ah, the mouths of babes! TFS!

Martha said...

I know, I dread the day my things learn new words for their assorted parts and bodily functions. And which is worse: they learn it together or one learns it and teaches the other at some "perfectly timed" moment?

Thanks for my morning giggle...