Tuesday, August 30, 2011

day 19: a song from your favorite album

Whoops. Life got busy again, as it always tends to do. I wish I could get a grip on that.

Tonight, I was listening to music, as I often do late at night. There was a time when I'd listen to the radio almost exclusively. Then there was a time when I listened to my collection of vinyl, tapes, CDs. These days, it almost always happens like this: I decide (for whatever random reason) that I want to hear a specific song, or perhaps a specific artist, so I head to YouTube. From there, I just follow the trail of whatever pops up next in the queue. Tonight, I can't remember now what made me want to hear Clapton, but something triggered him in my mind, and I've been losing myself in his guitar riffs ever since. I never tire of him. He can turn a two-and-a-half minute song into a 7-minute work of pure, incredible art, and not lose me in the middle of it. Amazing.

So along the way, I decided to listen to my all-time favorite album of his (via YouTube, of course, because it meant I didn't have to go digging through my CDs. Click click, VOILA, instant music.) The album? Unplugged. I remember when it came out. Back in the day, we didn't have cable. We had a rabbit ears antenna with foil wrapped around it and a wire coat hanger sticking out the top of that, but even all that effort couldn't get us MTV. (Remember when MTV actually cared about music?) So we missed the Unplugged series when it was on TV, but somehow managed to discover it - specifically Clapton's show - on CD later. I think I read a review in the paper or something. Anyway.

Listening to it made me think of this blog and how I'd neglected to ever finish the challenge, so I looked it up to see where I'd left off. Serendipity! The next challenge on the list was this one! It's a no-brainer - tonight, anyway. Tonight, my favorite album is Eric Clapton's Unplugged. Favorite song from the album is harder. I've always loved the blues-y covers, especially "Before You Accuse Me". Darren loves "San Francisco Bay Blues". I could've sworn there was a song on this album about walking on snow or somesuch, but clearly my memory has faded. It's not here.

But for the purpose of this blog, I'm gonna list this one as my favorite on the album, knowing full well that I might pick another one in half an hour:

Solved the mystery of the snow song! It was on an album called "Unplugged Collection, Vol 1", which included Clapton's "Before You Accuse Me", and also "Barefoot", by KD Lang. I guess I associated that song with Clapton because of the other one. I am getting old. I haven't listened to it in years until tonight. Still like it.

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Alli Link said...

EXCELLENT choice! :) My personal favorite Clapton song is "Cocaine" because it reminds me of my brother and me sitting on his bed as kids, playing Score Four and thinking we were somehow badass cuz we were listening to Clapton...turns out we were right! :D