Monday, December 15, 2008

tennis elbow and dodging shoes

If any of you have played Wii Fit enough to be busted upside the head with a flying soccer cleat or three, then you were mightily impressed with W's dodgeball prowess this week. That's all I'm saying. (Ignore the cleat marks on my forehead.)

Speaking of Wii, I've gotten hooked on tennis. Darren and I play here in the family room after the kids go to bed, and tell me this isn't weird: when you play Wii Tennis, you don't have to actually move your body. All you have to do is move the remote. That's not the weird part, though. What's weird is that I cannot play worth a patoot unless I move about as if on the court. I position myself for either a backhand or a forehand shot, serve overhand, and even grunt ala Serena Williams when necessary. When I stand there and just move my remote - which works for some people whose names begin with AIDAN - I miss the dern ball everytime.

What's been happening is wonderful: I'm getting an actual aerobic workout bee-bopping all around the room, AND for once in my life, I'm able to play more than 1 volley of tennis before falling dead on the cement.

My favorite tennis memory: busting my little brother in the eyebrow and thinking I'd knocked his eyeball out when blood starting spurting all over the court. It was ALL HIS FAULT! If he'd have stayed on his own side of the court instead of being such a BOY and hogging MY SIDE too, my backhand would've never found its way to his face. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Is it possible to get tennis elbow standing in my family room? Methinks yes.


Stacy said...

This looks like so much fun. I am getting excited because my dad is buying the boys, and Chad and I a Wii for Christmas this year! Do you got any game pointers or lists of must have games?

Nesa said...

okay now I don't feel like such a silly when playing the tennis on the Wii as I do the same thing. It can get pretty dangerous around our house, thank goodness for the straps on the Wiimote to keep it from flying off and hurting someone! Of course one of my fav's is the hoola-hoop one. it's a great work out!

CloverGirl said...

That looks like great fun, Stace!

And, dang--look at those legs on you!!! Keep playing, and you'll LOOK like Serena, too. (except the boobs. Methinks you're stuck with those.)

Karen Kroner said...

I love the WiiFit hula as well! and I do the same tennis jargon while I play.. it's not a game of tennis unless your are all over the place!

The Stopper Family said...


I'm the same way. I played tennis for years growing up, so I have to swing my arm full-force and serve with a full arm every time I play.

My husband just flicks his hand! Frustrating.

We actually had to tell my son that he couldn't play Wii baseball during baseball season because he's a "flicker' and was messing up his real baseball pitching!

Anonymous said...

We have been playing for the past few days here at Isacs. My shoulder is killing me. We finally found a Wii at Blockbuster (they had two left) here in Waxahachie.