Tuesday, September 16, 2008

coupla things

My head hurts.
It's full of cotton and weighs 1000 pounds.
My eyes are buzzing.
Someone squirted silly string all up in my nasal passages.
My ears need to pop.
My neck aches.
And my head hurts.
Thank you.
That's all.

oh, wait. No it's not. I have one more thing to whine about.

Biggest Loser Family premiered tonight.
I watched even though I had mixed emotions about it.
Desi and I poured our hearts into auditioning for this season, but then they went and made it a FAMILY show and we were disqualified. Hmmmph. As I watched the new teams, I kept thinking, "We coulda taken them." "We have more personality than they do!" "She's a wuss."

But what REALLY pissed me off?
Even though I've lost 60+ pounds since sending in our audition tape, I still outweigh a couple of the girls on the show.

I coulda been a contedah!

I've hit a major plateau. Been stuck on either side of 60 for a month now. Methinks I need Jillian to kick.my.BUTT. Kick it HARD!


Michelle said...

So sorry you are feeling ill!! Get lots of rest and get better soon.
About your plateau; I think you use SparkPeople...have you reset your calorie level for your current weight? Of course, it is normal to hit a plateau, so don't be too concerned. Try changing up your exercise routine.
My best to you, Michelle (Daphne209 on SS)

Kris with a K said...

I am SO proud of you, and all that you've accomplished, WITHOUT Jillan! You kick your own butt! I know it's hard on a plateau...been there since May. Wanna kick long distance? Stick with it, girlfriend, you are rocking! And take care of yourself so you don't get the flu. Push the liquids (and you know that'll help the plateau, too).

Love you!

agent713 said...

SIXTY POUNDS! Holy cow! That's amazing!!!

How many people lose SIXTY POUNDS on that show?

You rock.

Sending virtual ((hugs)) so I don't get whatever bug has taken up residence in your head...